Helle, Name is Branden. Haven't been here for a long time so its pretty new. I'm just a teenage from the Bay. Photographing every good moment of life which mostly would be automotive for me.
Website coming soon. Please share, comment and feel free to give me feedback. I'd appreciate it. Any questions just message :)

Have a great day!

Shooting for Revelocity has been challenging and one of the best for me. Here is a photo of the BMW Z4 from Legitt Styles rolling in our event.

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Vin Diesel speaks to Extra about Paul Walker and Fast & Furious 7

"There’s no one like Paul Walker, and there was only one Paul Walker…"

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Vossen G37.

Drop everything and mark your schedules for the big day that’s coming. Brings friends and family. Don’t have to be a car enthusiast to join, it’s an event for all to enjoy. There will be food, drinks, and most importantly CARS! Family friendly and if you got kids to take care of, no worries we thought of that as well! Come out and join us for this great event!


That’s a hell of an upgrade.

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Rolling shots for days.
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Having a peaceful time.

Late night driving/Racing Up on High way 9. Always fun!

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